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Archita Sahu who is a award winner , dependable leading actress Orissa Films World ,She is lovely and enchanting.

Archita Sahu ( born in June 1990 )  is a leading and popular Oriya actress in Bhubaneswar based Oriya Cinema at Ollywood Orissa. She is a beautiful and lovely actress in Oriya / Odia Cinema / Film Industries . She is now welknown and household name in Orissa / Odisha . Archita From her childhood was shown with  a keen interest in dancing, modelling and acting.

Schooling and Education of Archita Sahu :

Archita has spend her schooling in D.M School  and She is continuing her study  B.Tech at KIIT University at Bhubaneswar , Orissa

Career in Dance and Acting in Films:

Archita  is a learnt classical and  a talented Odissi dancer who has also won National Scholarship in Odissi. In year 2004, Archita Sahu  was also crowned as Miss Kalinga.

Archita started her carrier in ETv's superhit music serial " Rum Ku Jhumana".She did her first Oriya film 'O My Love' in 2005, during her schooling in D.M School. To her credit she has many hits and superhits including 'Babu I Love You', 'Mu Sapanara Soudagar (2008) ', 'To Pain Nebi Mu She Janama', ' Akashe ki Ranga Lagila' which were got 100 days box office hits. Archita has won laurels in acting, modelling and social works. With her talented and magnetic acting approach, she was won with The best New Comer and Best Actress Awards. She is the new but established face in Oriya / Odia Films. Her enchanting smile and simple performance makes her the most promising actress. Gossip with Archita is that she mostly like to work with director Sanjay Nayak, with whom she has made many films and is also a lucky maskot for him.

Again in 2010 Archita proved her dependable talent in acting by showing her seriousness and graveness as an Advocate in Film " Aalo Mora Kandhei " directed by  Chandi Parija. In the film Archita has acted as Puja a very determined , sucessful and popular Advocate who fights for truth and never lose a case. By the time a case reaches to Puja which is very hopeless to win so that no Advocate is taking that. Her Mother advice her to take the Case and lastly Puja win with her brilliant advocasy. Coart scens are very enchanting and have won the heart of Oriya people. Archita has also proved her acting skil as Puja showing soft corner of her heart even she is determinant and head strong.
 Archita  as Puja will be remembered for quite long period and we wish her high career . 

Archita has got several awards in her film career in Orissa / Odisha : 

The Best Newcomer Award in 2005, for 'Oh my love'
Best actor in female lead role in 2006 for 'Babu I Love You' 
Best Actor (female) 2006 for the Film- 'De Maa Shakti De' by Show Time, Puri
Best Actor (female) 2007 for the Film-“To bina mo kahani adha” by Omshree Awards
Best Actress 2008 for the Film- 'To Payeen Nebi muun Sahe Janama', by Show Time, Puri
Best Actor (female) 2008 for the Film- “To Payeen Nebi muun Sahe Janama” , Banichitra Award
Best Actor (female) 2008 for the Film- 'To bina mo kahani adha' by UMPA
Best Actor (female) 2009 for the Film- 'Mu Sapanara soudagara' by Sapatha
Best Actor (female) 2009 for the Film- “Mu Sapanara soudagara” , Banichitra Award
Best Actor (female) 2009 for the Film- “Mu Sapanara soudagara” by Chalachitra Jagat Rajiv Gandhi Samman 2009
For her Credit Archita Sahu is working as "State Ambassador" for the eradication of Child Labor, by Government of Orissa and UNICEF."

Archita Sahu's Cinema / Films / Movies

2005 : O My Love  as Puja
2006 : Babu I love You
2006 : De Maa Shakti De
2007 : To Bina Mo Kahani Adha
2007 : To Pain Nebi Mu Sahe Janama
2008 : Mu Sapanara Soudagar as Shriya
2008 : Mate Ani Dela Lakhye Faguna
2008 : Dhanare Rakhibu Sapatha Mora
2009 : Keun Dunia Ru Asila Bandhu
2009 : Akashe Ki Ranga Lagila ... aka "What a Colorful Sky "
2009 : Pagala Karichi Paunji Tora
2010 : Film Alo Mo Kandhei  has been released on 11th June  where Archita has acted as an Advocate with  Oriya Stars Akash , Priya , Sidhanta , Mihir Das, Anita Das, Hari , Bina, Saroj Das, and Child Artist Shreya under Baladevjiew Production. This film is directed by popular Chandi or Himanshu Parija and story has based upon Love and Family Drama. Music by Prem Anand , The Story by Chanchala Sahu.


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Archita, Acquire more film awards.